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Design: Inspiring Change! – Oct2016

Design: Inspiring Change! - Oct2016

Summer has been lovely but the fall season is now here, bringing with it the desire to change up our decor.

We just have to look to the “great outdoors” with its abundance of inspiration and it’s easy to become motivated to create a new look for our home.

The wonderful shades of oranges, cranberries and golds we are finding in nature is alone enough to inspire our creativity. Blend these colours with the deep sultry navies, muted azure blues, earthy reds and washed out purples and plums that are trending this year to create a stunning look for your home. Not only are colours on point for the season, but pair these trending colours with a layering of textures, fabrics and patterns to create the perfect aesthetic. The fall season presents us with a multitude of design inspirations, but it also ushers in a time when we desire “more” in our surroundings. With the cooler weather comes the natural inclination to layer, whether it be our wardrobe or our decor.

As we survey our rooms, the airy light sheers on our windows suddenly begin to look out of place. The weight and warmth of layering a pair of heavy weight velvet side panels might just fill the void and add a great burst of colour to the room at the same time. A beautiful chunky textured wool throw blanket and the addition of a couple of extra toss cushions in a bold geometric fabric will add a spark of life to your sofa.

As our daylight begins to minimize and our flowers have died off, the need to continue the beauty of the colours and textures we have enjoyed throughout the summer months outdoors begin to work their way in. Transfer these influences into beautifully patterned fabrics, and inspirational accent pieces that will layer up and continue to put a smile on your face throughout the indoor months.

Alendel Fabrics is one of my go-to fabric suppliers, featuring a large assortment of great new fabrics for the upcoming season which are sure to not disappoint. To change up the look of your accessories, why not incorporate a metallic tray on your coffee table with a stack of books, floral detail and a great abstract “objet d’art” for that punctuated layered look?

This is a time when less does not always equal more. So add a bit of interest to a boring hallway with an inexpensive patterned runner, then perhaps wallpaper a small section of wall behind your hall table, and mirror combo to create a lovely little vignette. Continue the layering process by adding in a small patterned chair or ottoman, and a few accessories on the table and before you know it you have created an impactful entrance to greet you and your guests.

If you are comfortable with a more neutral minimalistic design palette then stay with that, but definitely have some fun with textures and patterns; and perhaps a little bit of metallic woven fabrics, lush faux furs or rough-hewn wood will find their way into your decor and create a classic, sophisticated elegance.

The fall season is a favourite of many, so next time you’re out for a walk have a good look around at the changes happening in nature and find your inspiration… and bring the outdoors in!

Designer LINDA MAZUR is the principal designer of Linda Mazur Design Group. With over a decade of experience this sought out multi-disciplinary interior design firm is known for providing innovative interior renovations and full-scale build projects that reflect both timeless style and optimal functionality. The firm services Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. @LindaMazurGroup