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Door Filter – Apr2016

Door Filter - Apr2016

Clean air control for your condo

New condo buildings are built to particular guidelines, and require corridor ventilation, which is designed to pump fresh air into the common corridors. Unfortunately, this air has a way of filtering into your unit as well. Not only is unwanted dust seeping in, but also cooking odours, superfluous light and pests can work their way in through gaps in your entry door.

The developer, Andrew Bordin, has a background as a motorsport’s professional, which revolved around optimizing airflow behaviours and aerodynamics in the racing world. It wasn’t much of a stretch for him to create his newest product — Door Filter™. In cooperation with George Brown College’s Centre for Construction and Engineering, and the University of Toronto’s Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, studies were conducted to ensure that the product development was of the highest standard and complied with the building code.

The Door Filter system is designed to filter air that is forced into your suite through gaps around your door. It also helps to blocks light, sound and smells. You don’t want to entirely obstruct the air as often it’s a source of fresh air, but you do want to control the dust and air born particles from entering your environment.

Condo living is the best. Low maintenance, manageable spaces and shutting the door to outside world after a long day – pure heaven.

No tools are required for installation. Simply peel and attach the Door Filter to the inside of your door. It’s dense ABS extension is fitted and secured to the bottom of your condo entry door, and is lined with a door sweep. A removable multi-stage filter lasts approximately seven to 11 months, but this can be influenced by the amount of dust and particles that are generated by new building construction. Small openings in the Door Filter unit allow air to pass through the device and the internal filter, which promotes clean airflow into your condominium.

The activated carbon filter has the added benefit of absorbing pollen, odours, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), as well as pests, noise and light that might transfer from the corridor into your suite.

The most effective way to improve your indoor air quality is to eliminate the source of the pollution. The Door Filter is the solution.

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