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Focus: Cave Living Interiors – Feb2016

Focus: Cave Living Interiors - Feb2016

A Designer Testimonial

I often come across products or services that make my life and my business so much easier. And in this hectic, hustle bustle world anything that shaves time off my day is a lifesaver.

I recently discovered a company called Cave Living Interiors. They are a Canadian company that is truly a one-stop shop. Not only do they carry a large assortment of furniture, they choose items for me that fit my design, deliver it and set it up within the GTA.

Often when designing a client’s space my team and I source from many stores/shops in order to achieve the look and feel we want to create in the space. It’s especially tough when working on small spaces like condos. With Cave, they look at the space I am designing, my theme or mood for the design and they then work on a specific package for me (within my client’s budget I might add) with furniture that matches my criteria and size needs. The best part of this is that I no longer need to troll from shop to shop. They do the legwork for me.

In addition to sourcing they also work with my individual floor plan and provide me with a complete recommendation including layout and a 2D floor plan so my clients can visually see how perfectly everything will fit together.

Finally they deliver and help set up so I can truly surprise my clients with the afters.

I think the market and designers have been looking for something like this that stream lines our to-do list for years. Not only will it help in my industry but I think it’s also a great company that can also help builders if they are offering their clients a turn key condo to their own clientele. Imagine walking into your newly purchased condo and it’s already fully furnished and decorated for you? All you have to do is put your clothes away and enjoy your new home!

Cave Living Interiors
8305 Jane St., Unit #4
Chair Source Mezzanine

(905) 660-2283

JO ALCORN is a design specialist and founder of Whitewash & Co.