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Product Spotlight: Downtown Grill – Sep2015

Product Spotlight: Downtown Grill - Sep2015

This first-of-its-kind electric grill keeps taste of summer sizzling year round

There’s nothing like a barbecue meal.

Now, a Canadian company has found a way to keep the taste and smell of summer sizzling all year round with a first-of-its-kind electric hibachi that is being billed as a grilling revolution. Called Downtown Grill, the strikingly-designed 19-by-16 inch unit is hotter than most gas barbecues, but can be used indoors or out without flame or gas. Developed using a revolutionary high-performance heat transfer technology called ThermoCeramix, it heats up to 700°F in less than 10 minutes, allowing for quick and even cooking.

The quick-cooking electric grill is perfect for apartments and condos, keeping the taste of summer sizzling year round. “Downtown Grill is simple and safe to use, while activating flavours and aromas that are unparalleled,” said Daniel Cyr, president of Boucherville, Quebec-based Downtown Grill. “Users often tell us that — from the meat’s taste and tenderness, right to its grill marks — they feel as if they’re dining at a top steakhouse right at home.”

Developed at the National Research Council Canada, Downtown Grill is perfect for apartments and condos, meeting municipal regulations that often prohibit the use of propane or charcoal grills in these buildings. All that is required is a standard 120-volt outlet.

“Used in the kitchen, on the balcony or anywhere in the home, Downtown Grill is as powerful as a five-burner propane barbecue but is totally safe,” Cyr said. To boot, the unit has a non-stick griddle that is easy to clean.

About ThermoCeramix

Thermoceramix is a North-American company that specializes in developing heat transfer solutions through its own patented technology, used in industrial, residential, commercial and energy applications. For more information, visit their website below.

Downtown Grill retails for $449 and can
be purchased online. In Toronto, it is available
at Dickson Barbeque Centre and Sobies.