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Condo Living All About Lifestyle – Jul/Aug2015

Condo Living All About Lifestyle - Jul/Aug2015

I always love getting calls from clients wanting me to help them design their condos. Although they are typically smaller spaces and much harder to work with. I enjoy embracing the challenges each of them presents and I always give them the same level of function, practicality and elegance I do in any other larger space.

There are, however, a few tricks and elements that can be instrumental in combining the perfect wish list for your condo:


All spaces that function well need storage and in condos even more! Every item counts in a condo. Since you cannot fit as much furniture, every piece that you select should be thought about very carefully. For example, a coffee table can also be an ottoman with storage inside. Invest in wall units or built in cabinetry to be made in as many areas as possible. Being able to get custom sizes built will help you in bathrooms, bedrooms, closet organizers and a beautiful TV unit. We have helped many of our clients create much more storage and space saving with our in-house custom built-in cabinetry solutions.

Multi-purpose furniture

Try to combine the use of your furniture. It is great for longevity and versatility of each piece and also perfect to save on space. For example a dining sideboard can be used as a TV stand, but also as a bar to place a few drinks and martini set on. In a bedroom, use a console table with a mirror above as a nightstand that can act as a makeup area and even a desk area if you put a laptop on top.

Create maximum seating

Often clients tend to put as little furniture as possible in their condos thinking nothing else fits but one large sofa. It is the contrary. Consider putting more furniture as long as it is in smaller scale. The eye will see that all important items are present and doesn’t realize that it is just smaller, as it fits perfectly into the space. A smaller sofa can accommodate small end tables and perhaps even take two end tables combined to make a coffee table, a chair in the corner or a bench across a sofa. This adds more seating and creates symmetry, which makes the space feel more complete.

Use focal points that are bold to put the emphasis on it instead of the size of the space, such as a bold piece of artwork or super size mirror. Reflective surfaces are great to double space. Add some sparkle, chrome shiny accessories, and crystal chandeliers A bit of glam is great to add instant impact to a space.

BE CREATIVE, think outside the box and have fun with your condo. After all, condo living is all about lifestyle and sometimes a great stage of your life — so enjoy living in condo style and make the most out of your space!


Designer CATHERINE-LUCIE HORBER is the principal of Royal Interior Design Ltd. The firm provides decorating, staging and renovating services for both small and full-scale residential projects throughout the GTA.