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Hotel Living At Bloor Walk Condominium – Apr2015

Hotel Living At Bloor Walk Condominium - Apr2015

Photos by Chris Harrison of Chris Harrison Photography

The Bloor Walk Condominium at 100 Hayden is an example of timeless urban architecture. From the elegant base to the tapering top, the building is respectful of tradition through the classically inspired proportions and the decorative mix of brick and stone of the façade.

The dated common areas of the building’s interior, however, were ready for an upgrade. A Design Committee was put together by the Condominium Board and had established a priority list and budget. A goal was formed: to bring the building’s key spaces to a competitive level with the newer condominiums sprawling around. This included the entrance hall and main lobby, the rooftop media and party room and the typical corridors.

As design was started, working with the classical qualities of the building became aesthetically important and being inspired by the Boutique Hotel concept acknowledged the lifestyle trends present in Toronto.

This generated a trendy blend between the hotel and the residence concept. In it, the common areas of the building are not transitional spaces moving inhabitants from the street into their private unit and vice versa, but they are an integral part of the residential living.

Case in point: in the Main Lobby of 100 Hayden we’ve designed a space where guests and residents alike will enjoy stopping and chatting for a moment and where small gatherings can and do take place. The new focal point in the space is the framed antique-mirrored wall. Flanked by two spear-like wall sconces, a floating oval console table is mounted on the mirror and is clad in soft leatherette fabric. Textured wall coverings are used to complement the cherry panelling.

Across from the mirror, a custom-designed 12-foot boomerang sofa was placed on the recarpeted area and paired with two art deco inspired armchairs and a delicate ring pendant. The particular shape of the couch splits the conversation area into two possible groupings. One was given a round stone-top coffee table with a delicate metal lattice base while the other was given a sculptured pedestal wood table.

The colour scheme is rich and glamorous, from the gold tones of the oversized sofa to the royal blue armchair fabric, to the shimmering gold sheers. The overall effect is elegant, classical and warm.

The Entry Hall has a similar wall feature as the lobby, but a shimmering mosaic tile replaced the mirror. The impact on the visitor is immediate and sets the tone for the lobby to come.

The Media Room is one of the most used common spaces in the building. Owners come here to lounge, to watch TV, to read or to work on the computer. To the occasional visitor and to the group of people enjoying a sunny afternoon, this rooftop space now offers an increased charm.

The intention was to create the feeling of being in a movie theatre but experience it in a library-like setting. This was achieved through the clever wall-to-wall built-in design that took over the entire north wall of the room.

Patterned wallpaper acts as a background behind the TV and open shelving units reset the shape and proportion of the entire wall. While the TV size is standard, the two-tone framed built-in around it and the integrated textured wall covering create a movie-theatre screen effect. Despite the shelves of books flanking the wallpapered area, the overall effect is an uncluttered but homey spatial experience.

Overall, the new interiors are an eloquent example of current urban lifestyle that introduces a feel-at-home sense into the public realm and makes the semi-public experience part of private lives.

Trained as an architect and interior designer, ADRIANA MOT has been the principal of Dochia since 2000. She is a member of The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and has been involved in design production and project management for over 18 years.