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Product Spotlight – Dec/Jan2015

Product Spotlight - Dec/Jan2015

Small Space Storage Solutions – Don’t Change Who You Are To Suit Your Space … Your Space Should Suit Who You Are.

From floor plans to balconies, marble countertops to amenities, each person’s standards of a”perfect home” is different.

One common element, however, which remains constant from person to person is storage and space. Most people seek units that have enough storage and space that will allow them to live easily, contentedly and comfortably. Your interior living space will determine overall functionality and will impact living conditions.

The idea is to maximize the functioning square footage inside the unit in a way that best suits you. Consider things like office space, shelving, cabinetry, etc. What will be most appealing to you that best suits your lifestyle?

Storage space remains one of the biggest issues when planning a move to a new condominium. Consider what possessions are requirements to take with you to your new home and if the storage space within the unit will meet expectations. If not, it is possible that you may want to consider storage solutions within your home purchasing budget.

If you are looking to maximize space in a bedroom, consider a murphy bed. A bed that can be folded up in to the wall allows for utmost multi-functional space — exercise when the bed folds up, play with your kids in the open space, sit at the desk to engage in office work, and pull the bed out to sleep at night. This room now serves four or more purposes — workout, play, office work and rest. This can also satisfy the entire “office in the day, bedroom at night” concept for those of you who work from home. Murphy beds can be designed with storage and shelving capacity.

Now consider cabinetry. Whether there is a large walk-in closet, a reach-in cupboard with sliding doors, laundry room storage or kitchen pantry, space and organization is of the essence. The main goal is to use available storage space efficiently. Closet clutter can be reduced by the use of customized organizers, deco drawers, wire racking, hanger racks and hamper inserts. Extend the permanency and durability of shoes with creative storage solutions. Consider shallow shoe cabinets, wall shelving, shoe racking, pull-out drawers, angled shelves or show cases. The options are limitless — more drawers, less wire racks, more shelving, less cupboard space. You would be astonished at how closet organizers and storage solutions can maximize the space that is readily available.

Pantries are the most repeatedly used space in the kitchen. A pantry can be a large cabinet, a transformed closet or a large walk-in. In any event, the pantry serves storage purposes — from cleaning products, canned goods, and boxed foods to Tupperware, pet food and alcohol. Regardless of the scope, any pantry is more efficient with organization. Customized cupboard space, magnetic racks, hanging wires, containers and labels can be implemented to help create the perfect pantry.

The luxuries and benefits of condo living are surely considerations and selling points for many. From the party rooms, pools to media rooms and fitness centres, amenities are bonuses, but at the end of the day it is where you spend the most time that will make your house feel like a home. That is why it is so important to modify your space to align to your taste and lifestyle. A small space can go a long way!

RON BINDER is president of
OnWall Solutions. He can be reached
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